Mission and Vision



The Mission of Varee Chiangmai School is to

  • Provide and constantly improve on an Effective Administration and Management System.
  • Continually encourage professional growth of our teachers and staff to develop as experts of their chosen professions.
  • Encourage and develop the potential of individuals through a balanced and holistic approach.
  • Provide and implement a curriculum of a high standard.
  • Provide a learning environment that supports effective teaching and learning.

School Education Goals

Varee Chiangmai School has set five educational goals to achieve the school’s vision and mission. These are:

  • To prepare our students for the 21st century through learning and innovations skills of competency in reading, writing and arithmetic, and through  the core subjects of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creative skills.
  • To develop English language skills and Information, Media and Technology skills.
  • To support moral thinking and learning values and respect in own and other cultures.
  • To develop Emotional Intelligence through life skills, including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy, promoting healthy living habits, social skills and career skills.
  • To respect and participate in Thai Culture and learn the appreciation of beauty in the arts and music in Thai, Asian and Western cultures.